Learn about French-Canadian immigrants and their Franco-American descendants in Salem, Massachusetts!

Discover Salem's Franco-American Heritage

Self-Guided Walking Tour

This building on Lafayette Street was home to the Klondike Club, a French-Canadian social club

Planning a trip to Salem? Discover the places and spaces that were important to the city's Franco-American community!

Great Fire of Salem in 1914

Image of St. Joseph's church in Salem after the Great Fire of 1914

Learn about the Great Fire of Salem in 1914 and how it profoundly impacted Salem's Franco-American community

Franco-American Oral Histories

A Franco-American child with French soldiers in Salem circa 1942

Connect to the Salem State University Archives to learn more about the Franco-American Oral History Project

Brief History of Franco-American Salem

Header of 1916 Courrier de Salem newspaper

Read a brief description of the Franco-American community in Salem, Massachusetts

History of St. Joseph's Parish

Old postcard of St. Joseph's Parish, circa 1913-1914

Access a free digital version of the English translation of the History of St. Joseph's Parish, originally published in French in 1948

Teaching Franco-American New England

Old map of New England

Six classroom-ready activities for teachers of French. Teach your students about the rich heritage of New England's third largest ethnic group!

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This website was created and is maintained by volunteers who aim to collect, create, and disseminate information about Franco-Americans in Salem, Massachusetts.

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The information is rooted in community-based research. It would not be possible without the assistance of participants of the  Franco-American Oral History Project at Salem State University, along  with contributions of stories, memories and photos graciously shared by  members of the Richelieu Club of Salem, the Club Richelieu Nord de  Boston, and alumni of St. Joseph’s and Ste.Chretienne’s high schools in  Salem.